…and away we go

The purpose of this site is straightforward – to document my dating experiences. Who am I?  A woman, looking for a man.  I’ll be 52 in a few weeks, and am unabashedly fighting the clock by investing in my appearance in ways big and small.  (more on that later).

I do plan on recounting some of my past experiences, but, to start, today will be day one of my dating adventures.  Some background:  he is a self-proclaimed chef, with blue eyes, and is apparently gifted in sports ranging from alpine skiing to tennis to God knows what.  I, on the other hand, love McDonald’s hamburgers (haven’t admitted this just yet), am not into sports, and as of this writing, have large purple bruises on my face from the injectables I had the day before last.

I’ve asked for him to suggest the spot we will meet.. and away we go!

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