In Over My Head

Scanning the pictures of guy after guy online in strangely addicting. I was back in the saddle, swiping on my phone, seeking anyone with potential.

I was PB (post-Belgian), and found myself texting an Oregonian who recently relocated to Sarasota. We texted back and forth, and made a plan to meet last Sunday on Siesta Key.

Oregon Guy was a golf pro for many years and is a musician. We connected initially because he was only the second guy I met online who was a fan of the same kind of music as me. We had a lot in common. So much so, that it made me think of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry meets someone exactly like him, and they fall for each other immediately.   By the end of the episode, they hate each other for the same reason.

We spent several hours talking, and I found myself divulging gory details about myself that will not only never be disclosed on this blog, but won’t be disclosed anywhere. I heard myself saying several times, “what the f#$%, I might as well tell you.” And, to my surprise, it not only didn’t faze him, but he seemed genuinely interested.

By the end of the day, we agreed to start off as friends and see how it went.

After I got home, I received a text from Oregon Guy saying he had a great time, and I said the same. A little while later, I got a text from someone else.

“I miss you.” It was the Belgian. I told him I missed him too and the next thing I knew, he declared that he would be waiting in the empty parking lot of a restaurant we had gone to. I told him, no, please don’t. But he said that yes, he was going to be there. If I was honest with myself, I had to admit I was flattered by the gesture. So, yes, I buckled and met him close to 11pm on a Sunday night.

I explained I was seeing other people, and that I would not be rushed into anything.  He said he was “fine” with that. He still wanted to see me. Since we are so good at parking lot make-out sessions, we continued along that path. The next thing I know, I’m back to seeing the Belgian again.

This song is dedicated to Oregon Guy, who took me to see these amazing guys this week. Oregon Guy is tall. The band is called “Tall Heights.”

I think I’m in over my head.





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