Loose the Weight

“Straight truth time – loose the weight.”

This was the last text I got from the Canadian.  I’m guessing his unsolicited advice was to lose weight.  I blocked his number.

After he returned to Canada, our conversation veered into the scintillating topic of Real Estate Investing.  While not as sexy as well, sex, I was interested in discovering his methods as an investor. He recommended a book to read, and later he texted to see how far I had gotten through the book.  I told him I was taking the author’s advice and thinking about what my specific goals were – that I was looking to generate enough income to travel.   I went on to admit that I had imagined traveling with a partner, but that was looking less and less likely.

That’s when he felt the need to comment on my weight.  Stunned, angry, hurt, and incredulous.  I took the high road and told him that was uncool, and that he may be turned off by my “weight,” but I felt pretty good about the way I looked for my age.  (Actually, I told him I felt sexy and beautiful – I felt the need to make a powerful statement).  Deep down, all I could think of was “motherfucker.”

So, what did I do?  I shared the screenshot with some of my girlfriends.  If there is one subject that men should NEVER ever say to a woman, it’s this one.  I mean, this is March on Washington shit.  Here are just a few of the reactions:

  1. Is he fucking serious?
  2. He is a douche
  3. Super dick
  4. Rude as fuck
  5. 3 Water gun emojis
  6. Shithead emoji
  7. Asshole!

I’m 52 and a size 10 on good days; a 12 on not so good days.  I try to take care of myself, but, yes, I fall short.  There were many, many years that my body served as the prime target for my self-hatred; I’ve learned to not only accept, but embrace my imperfections as uniquely mine.  It’s taken me a lifetime to become comfortable in my own skin.  Now, with one text, I’m resisting the temptation to distrust any other man who wants to be with me.

I’ll let Christine Kane do the rest of the talking for me.  This song is dedicated to every woman who has been shamed into feeling less than because they don’t live up to someone else’s idea of who they should be.   They can kiss my lovely dimpled ass.


3 thoughts on “Loose the Weight

  1. Had to google the lyrics – most were classic. Thanks for sharing,Kari, and I’m sad you had to have this idiot ruin your life for even one moment. Reading the replies on FB, it’s obvious that a lot of people love you just the way you are, my friend. We met when we were in our 20’s: young and desperate for approval from the men we worked for, dated or married. Now in our fifties, it’s so goddamned liberating to really truly feel comfortable in your own skin. And to be proud of a personal achievement because it made your heart warm, not because it got you a raise, a better parking spot or increased the company bottom line.

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  2. Just read this, compelling and candid as always. Love reading your stuff. Humorous the irony that this idiot advised to ‘loose’ the weight. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing…or maybe, possibly?… this moron is a…moron. As far as I can see you look fantastic on the outside but more importantly the stuff on the inside is sublime. Screw this idiot, keep doing your thing, you are obviously doing it right.

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