Happy April Fool’s Day or Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me… 15 times?

Since starting this blog, I’ve been on A LOT of dates. Here is a list of most of them (I think).

1 Chef Guy — my first blog entry, he texted me about 6 months later, but I didn’t respond.

2 Patch Guy — the only one I still see regularly. We are both Jason Isbell super-fans, and he is a very good guy and a good friend.

3 The By the Book Guy – took me on some very “nice” dates, including ice cream and a picnic. We just didn’t have anything in common, so I was noncommittal at our last parting. I heard him muttering to himself “I mess everything up.” That was that.

4 The Belgian — he texted me and asked to meet, “No strings attached,” then texted at the last minute to ask to reschedule. I stopped responding.

5 Hawaii Guy — had recently moved here from Hawaii, and wanted me to be his girlfriend right away. When I called it off, he texted me “thanks — you had a lot of red flags.”

6 1029 Guy — a guy I dared to meet at a mattress store, which he did (which I thought was very funny). We discovered we had the same birthday. He would text me nothing for days, then “1029” at 10:29. He did this several times. He also sported a front license plate, with the number, you guessed it, “10-29.”

7 The Therapist — we had a few nice dates, but he called it off. Hmmmm.

8 The Tall in Bed Guy — I agreed to go over his place for dinner, then he changed his mind, or something.

9 Blank Guy #1 — see him occasionally, and I’m happy to say we are friends.

10 Blank Guy #2 — we do not see each other, even occasionally, and are no longer friends.

11 The Doctor — very nice, but no chemistry.

12 Not a Match Guy — I had one date and really liked him. He asked to see me again, then texted a few days later and said he didn’t think we were a “match.” Sigh.

13 The Gift Giver — we texted, then talked on the phone for weeks. When we finally made plans to go out on a date, he brought me a whole bunch of gifts (flowers, bubble bath, a piece of carrot cake, chocolate covered strawberries…). This was coupled with some very strange behavior. I blocked his number. Big sigh.

14 What’s Up Guy — he always says, “What’s up?” He’s a lot of fun, and I think we could be buddies.

15 Really Bad Idea Guys — no details necessary.

These were spread out, of course, over the last year and a half, but I have to admit, I got to the point that I let discouragement get the best of me, I rolled around in my self-pity for a while, but eventually, I had to admit that self-pity is just never a good look. Ever.

So now what?

Well, my focus is on the relationships that I DO have. My kids, my family, my friends, my colleagues, and yes, even myself. There are still plenty of adventures to be had.

Ain’t no man gonna change that. But, if he happens to come along…

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